Philips Air Purifier AC4025/00

৳ 27,900.00

Air purifier
CADR 147 m³/h
PM2.5 removal rate >99%



A healthier sleep, always
Purifier with dedicated Sleep mode
Breathe healthy air with the Philips air purifier. Its advanced filtration system filters out
bacteria, allergens and harmful agents. The Healthy air protect alert assures you of healthy
air always.
Healthy Air
• With advanced filtration system
• Sleep mode cleans silently with dimmed indicators
• Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter
• 3-step fan speed lets you adjust air flow to your liking
• 1/4/8 hours easy-to-set timer


•CADR (cigarette smoke): 147 m³/h**
•Filters out PM2.5: >99% ***
•Filters out bacteria: >99.9% ****
•Frequency: 50 Hz
•Voltage: 220-240 V
•Wattage (China): 30 W
•Wattage (Hong Kong): 36 W
•Cord length: 1.8 m
•Noise level: 36 (Sleep) – 54 (Highest speed) dB
Design specifications
•Front cover: white
•Materials of main body: ABS plastic
•Rim: green
Logistic data
•12 NC (China): 883 4025 00711
•12 NC (Hong Kong): 883 4025 00450
•EAN F box (China): 69 4726540315 0
•EAN F box (Hong Kong): 87 1010356442 3
•Country of origin: China
•AC filter: AC4103
•HEPA filter: AC4104
Weight and dimensions
•Product weight: 4.5 kg
•F-box weight (incl. product): 6.1 kg
•Product dimensions (W x D x H): 333 x 186 x 510 mm
•F-box dimensions (W x D x H): 421 x 273 x 605 mm


Philips Air Purifier AC4025/00


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